To have SiteVibes widgets display on your website you need to add a lightweight piece of code (pixel script) to your website in the global header before the </head> html.  This will match your website and domain(s) with your unique SiteVibes account pixel script.

1. Sign in to SiteVibes

Sign in to your SiteVibes account.  If you don't have one, you can create a free-forever account here.

2. Copy your Pixel Script

In your dashboard click "Install" 

You will see 2 steps for installation, including a unique pixel script for your account.

Copy your pixel script.

3. Add the code to your site code.

Open the code to your website and find the closing </head> tag of your website.  It is usually before the start of the <body> tag.

Paste your pixel script just before the closing </head> tag as shown in the screenshot above.  Save your changes and clear your cache if it is an option.  That's it! You are ready to create your first campaign.  Once it is created, you can go back to your install to confirm your domain is active by looking for a green checkmark.